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Lift roofs, sleeping roofs, camper vans, camper bodies

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Each of our products is guaranteed biennial guarantee.

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We have been manufacturing roofs for years. Our skills, our efforts, the work we put into perfecting our production and our attention to detail have resulted in a very high quality product. Few companies on the market can match us.
Tailored and robust construction based on approved materials. Certified roofs for years to come.

ABE approval

Thanks to all these efforts, in 2022, after many months of research and tests on the roofs by TUV Nord and the German Government's Traffic Department (KBA), we are happy to announce that the Volkswagen T5, T6, T6.1 short and long roofs have received German ABE approval. This document guarantees the safety of our roofs and ensures that vehicles with the roof in place can be driven on the road without unnecessary paperwork.
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All projects have been carried out using only our products by us and our customers.

Each of our products is guaranteed biennial guarantee.

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