A holiday full of spontaneous trips, unforgettable adventure and discovering new places is the dream of many travellers. For those who love mobility and independence, car tents are the ideal solution. They make travelling easier, more comfortable and, above all, extremely exciting. In this article, we take a look at the benefits of travelling with a tent on the roof of your car and the necessary equipment to make your adventure even more successful.

Benefits of travelling with a car tent

  1. Mobility and independence
    Travelling by car tent means that you do not have to book accommodation well in advance or stick to a specific route. You are independent and can spontaneously change your travel plans according to your tastes and circumstances.
  2. Saving time and money
    You don't waste time looking for accommodation or spending money on hotels or motels. A car tent allows you to sleep virtually anywhere, which is not only convenient but also saves your budget.
  3. Close contact with nature
    One of the greatest advantages of travelling by car tent is the possibility to sleep surrounded by nature. You can wake up with a view of the mountains, a lake or a forest, which provides an unforgettable experience and a feeling of being close to nature.
  4. Flexibility and adventure
    A car tent allows you to explore places that are difficult to reach by other means of transport. It is the ideal option for lovers of mountain trails, wild beaches or remote national parks.

Essential equipment for a car tent

  1. Car tent
    Car tents come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so it makes sense to choose one that best meets your needs. There are rooftop tents, trailer tents and many other such solutions.
  2. Sleeping bag and inflatable mattress
    A comfortable night's sleep is crucial for a successful trip. Choose a lightweight sleeping bag that is suitable for the weather conditions you will be facing. In addition, an inflatable mattress will give you a comfortable place to sleep.
  3. Kitchen equipment
    If you plan to cook outdoors, make sure you have the right kitchen equipment. Basic kit includes a hiking cooker, crockery, cutlery and a thermos for hot coffee or tea.
  4. Lighting
    A lamp or torch is essential equipment, especially when night falls. You can choose battery-operated lamps, headlamps or handheld torches.
  5. Emergency tools and equipment
    Don't forget your toolkit, torches, first aid kit and other emergency essentials. These can be crucial in the event of unexpected situations.
  6. Grilling utensils
    If you are a barbecue lover, take a portable barbecue with you. Nothing tastes better than a meal prepared outdoors.
  7. Folding table and chairs
    A comfortable place to eat or relax is invaluable. Folding tables and chairs take up little space but significantly improve the quality of your journey.
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