Travelling with the family in a campervan is becoming increasingly popular, and the benefits associated with raised roofs place them as an ideal solution for family adventures. In this article, we take a look at why retractable roofs are so valued by travelling families, and how they make a difference to comfort and freedom on trips together.

1. Space flexibility: everyone has their own angle

Raised roofs open up new possibilities when organising the space in a camper. They make the camper more flexible, allowing more standing room, which is especially important when the whole family spends time inside the vehicle. Every member of the family can find their own corner to relax or play, making travelling more comfortable.

2. extra beds: trouble-free sleep for all

One of the key benefits of raised roofs for families is the ability to create extra beds. The mezzanines that are created when the roof is raised provide an ideal sleeping area for children or guests. This solution eliminates the need to constantly fold and unfold the beds, which in turn contributes to the smoothness of operation when travelling.

3. panoramic windows: close to nature from a safe place

Raised roofs are often equipped with large windows that offer panoramic views of the surrounding nature. This significantly increases the closeness to nature even when staying inside the camper. Families can enjoy the scenery, watch the stars or savour the beauty of nature while sitting directly in their safe haven.

4. Flexibility in route planning: no time and space restrictions

Raised roofs add flexibility to route planning. Families can stay in beautiful places that offer unforgettable experiences, and with a raised roof they can adapt quickly and efficiently to different conditions. Not having to search for campsites with adequate standing room makes travelling more spontaneous.

5. Family closeness: more time together, fewer restrictions

Raised roofs allow families to be together in one place, even during a stopover at the edge of a lake or in the mountains. All family members can cook together, play board games or simply enjoy time together, regardless of the weather conditions or location.

Raised roofs in campervans are becoming a key part of family adventures. They make journeys more comfortable, flexible and adaptable to each family's individual needs. They open the door to endless opportunities to explore the world with your loved ones, making every trip an unforgettable family adventure.

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